La importancia del paciente en los ensayos clínicos

Dr. Vergés shares his experience in osteoarthritis with MYCEC Masters Degree students

Dr. Josep Vergés, CEO and president at OAFI Foundation, has taught at the Instituto Teófilo Hernández (Autonomous University of Madrid), within the 21t edition of Monitoring and Coordination of Clinical Trials Master Degree, the master class “Osteoarthritis, a growing health and social problem” and a subsequent practical workshop on clinical trials.

Students who complete this master’s degree can access the labor market as monitors or coordinators of clinical trials, or in departments of the Pharmaceutical Industry such as MSL, Medical Affairs, or Marketing Access among other options. The master’s degree is a specific title of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

About the Instituto Teófilo Hernando

In December 2007, the Governing Board of the Autonomous University of Madrid approved the creation of the “Teófilo Hernando” Institute for R & D of Medicines. With this name we wanted to honor the figure of the first Spanish pharmacologist. The ITH currently has groups of researchers with experience in different phases of drug R + D + i, including molecular design and modeling, chemical synthesis, pharmacological screenings, in vitro and in vivo models of disease and Phase I to IV clinical trials. Being a university institute equipped with laboratories and accredited clinical trials units phases I and II, we aspire to turn the ITH into a national and international reference in the R + D + i of the medicine. In fact, judging by the growing number of research projects contracted with public institutions and pharmaceutical companies, this reference is now a reality.

About the Autonomous University of Madrid

In June 2018, the Autonomous University of Madrid turned 50 years old, during which time it has built a prestigious prestige through its teaching and research quality, becoming a state-of-the-art public university.