Prognostic Test -Arthrotest®

Arthrotest® is a genetic prognostic tool that provides excellent accurate results to predict radiographic progression towards severe disease in primary knee osteoarthritis (KOA).

[Blanco, F. J. et al. Improved prediction of knee osteoarthritis progression by genetic polymorphisms: the Arthrotest Study. Rheumatology 54, 1236–1243 (2015)].

Arthrotest® is done only once in a lifetime, with a simple saliva sample in order to specifically screen the most important genetic polymorphisms associated with the progression of knee osteoarthritis.

Based on the results of this genetic test and the combination with the information on clinical variables of the patient, a detailed report is made in which each patient is classified in a risk group and specific therapeutic recommendations are given, always under the supervision of your doctor.

OA has heterogeneous manifestation and does not always have the same appearance in all patients. Indeed, OA may present differently in men and women, in patients with or without trauma, in athletes, or in obese people. This raises the possibility that OA patients with different profiles could require different treatments. Arthrotest® predicts the evolution of knee osteoarthritis, helps the doctor personalize your treatment in the most appropriate way and also gives the patient recommendations based on preventive measures to improve the quality of life.

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